Woocommerce vs Shopify

In case you have not noticed, Shopify is taking over the non-Amazon eCommerce world. There are good reasons for that. Shopify makes it very easy to get a credible store launched online and also integrates well with the myriad of other tools that you need to be successful.

I am not so enthused about Shopify. There are a few reasons why as I discuss in the video below. However, if you want to sum up the reasons in one, it comes down to control. Shopify gives you little control over its customization and it is starting to flex its muscles in other ways too.

For example, Shopify now exerts control over what its users sell. Personally, I find that deplorable. I don’t want a software vendor telling me that I can’t sell a product just because they don’t understand it. In some ways, Shopify is starting to feel a little too much like Amazon and I don’t consider that a good thing. Imagine waking up someday to an email from Shopify telling you that they have suspended their store because their bots have detected some verbiage on a product page that they don’t approve of. That apparently is happening.

As a rule, we are a Woocommerce company and this video gives you some thoughts as to why.



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