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The Great 2020 Holiday Shipping Fiasco

In case you have not noticed, ecommerce is in a perfect storm right now with unprecedented shipping challenges. Three major factors are driving the problem: Ecommerce has been growing fast for years and putting strain on USPS in particular (but also UPS and Fedex). Covid has poured gasoline on that growth. The holiday season (enough […]

Should You Outsource eCommerce Marketing?

Why Outsource eCommerce Marketing? On average, eCommerce websites convert 2.72% of their visitors (Statista). Therefore, the average business needs 36.8 visitors to create 1 sale. Generating an abundance of affordable website traffic is essential, and internet marketing is the key to success. If a company cannot generate traffic, it will fail. Being so important, companies […]

Where to Sell Your eCommerce Business

Where to Sell Your eCommerce Business Congratulations on your success! Perhaps the reason you are reading this is that you have a thriving eCommerce business, and you are ready to sell. Or maybe you were just curious, that’s great too. No matter where you currently are on your eCommerce journey, for most business owners there […]

eCommerce Bounce Rate: 9 Tips for Instant Results

Reduce eCommerce bounce rate with 9 simple steps A high bounce rate is like a neon sign telling eCommerce businesses that something is wrong. Visitors are not engaging with your content. Sales will be lost, SEO rankings will fall, and ROI on advertising will plummet. Yes, a high bounce rate really is a nasty monster. […]