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A primer to start shutting down discounting

If you are a brand owner and are facing the scenario where your products are being discounted online, you probably have a serious problem. Think about market share like a pie. Distributors and retailers all take a slice of the pie; some slices are bigger than others, and we all know that is how it […]

Protecting your brand.

Over the past week, we have added quite a bit of content to the website covering topics related to protecting your brand. Rather than repeating it all here, let me just point you toward the content: Topics covered include MAP/discounting, counterfeiting, product diversion, copyright and trademark violations, and distributor misconduct. Hope you find this […]

You don’t need scavenger marketers

Here is something that is counterintuitive: you don’t need lots of online retailers selling your product. You just need one good one. But wait! Don’t retailers expose your product to more people? Don’t they increase your market share? The short answer is usually no. At least the answer is no in online retail, most of […]

Why you want an exclusive retailer

We need to say this up front: Cobblestone Trade only does exclusive retail deals. That means that what you are about to read could easily be interpreted as a very biased sales copy to try to you to partner with us. As it turns out, yes we are biased about this topic, but on the […]