How we help brand owners

Ecommerce is a complicated business with lots of moving parts and no two clients are alike. For that reason, we design custom solutions to meet your needs. If for example, you want to keep your customer service internal but outsource fulfillment and online advertising, we are happy to do that.

That being said, many clients want to get ecommerce off their plate entirely so they can focus on their product. If you fall into that category, there are two primary ways we can work with you. These ways are described below

Amazon-only sellers: Many of our potential clients are currently exclusively on Amazon but want to expand off Amazon without having to build the ecommerce infrastructure to do so. If that is your interest, click here.


Important questions you might have

We want as much online exposure as we can get. Why on earth should we consider doing an exclusive online distributor deal?

That is a great question that gets at the heart of how online retail works. The truth is that more online retailers rarely gets you more exposure–just more headaches. One retailer can get you all the exposure you can hope for across websites and shopping channels such as Amazon.

The real benefit to having an exclusive online retailer like us is in the security of knowing that we will protect your brand, present you in the way you want to be presented, and maintain the pricing you desire. In other words, you get control of the landscape rather than the Wild West scenario that destroys many brand owners.

Read this article for much more on this topic.

We want help but not a comprehensive solution. If we hire you as a logistics partner, can we pick and choose services we need?

Yes, we understand that every deal is different and will custom design a solution that integrates with your business and meets the needs you have.

We want an online presence but do not want our products on Amazon or Ebay. Do you do deals that exclude those kinds of shopping channels?

Absolutely. In fact, our bread and butter is traditional online retail on custom websites. You do not need Amazon though Amazon may expose your products to more potential customers. However, it is your choice as to what channels your products are on.

Is brand/price management really that big of a deal?

It is actually a huge deal. For example, there is perhaps nothing that will destroy valued relationships with brick and mortar outlets more than allowing rogue retailers to sell your products online at a big discount. You can read more about that here.

Your brand is possibly your most valuable asset. You must manage it aggressively online to avoid its cheapening by rogue retailers or even counterfeiters.

We believe so strongly in this principle that we make brand/price enforcement a cornerstone of our service to you. We know the way it works and how the players think and we know how to shut harmful practices down.

Why can't we just do the ecommerce side of things ourselves?

You probably can. It is not a big deal to get a website up. Shopify and Wix really do work.

The real question is whether you have the knowledge and resources to do ecommerce well. Few companies do. High volume ecommerce is complex with massive amounts of data and requires a lot of systems to work together to process that data. A huge part of what we do is simply cobble systems together and get them to talk to each other efficiently and accurately.

Issues like backorders, returns, shipping problems, and even customer service can get overwhelming in a hurry. Online advertising is a huge can of worms. Website optimization is a never ending puzzle. You need expert help with these things if you want to see big success.

How do you price your services?

There is no cost for our service up front. We don’t have setup fees or anything similar. We only work with clients that we think we can help and we have our own skin in the game from the beginning.

Every client is different but we are paid only for results. If we are your Logistics Partner, we charge a commission of your ecommerce sales. If we are your Exclusive Retailer, we operate just like any of your other wholesale accounts and profit from the margin between the retail and wholesale prices.

Do you work with companies outside the US?

We are based in the US and ship primarily to US customers. Especially in the area of brand/pricing management, we are not set up to provide our services worldwide but we are happy to talk and explore possible partnerships.